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Copyright infringement: Types and how to avoid them

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In the digital age, protecting creations and intellectual property is crucial for content creators. Understanding your copyright and how to prevent infringement is essential to ensure that your work is protected and that you receive fair compensation for your creative efforts. In this article, we will discuss how creators can protect their work, understand the different forms of copyright infringement, and prevent their work from being misused.

Know your copyright

As a creator, it is important that you understand your copyrights and how they protect your works. Copyrights automatically protect original creations, giving you exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, prepare derivative works and publicly display your work. These rights apply as soon as your work is created and fixed in a tangible medium.

Although it is not necessary to register your works to obtain copyright protection, registration may provide you with additional benefits, such as the ability to file infringement claims and be eligible for statutory damages and court costs. Consider registering your works for full copyright protection.

Types of infringement and how to avoid them

Direct infringement

Direct copyright infringement occurs when a person or entity reproduces, distributes, publicly performs, creates derivative works of, or publicly displays a copyrighted work without the permission of the copyright owner.

Be sure to get the necessary permission before using other creators' work in your projects. Always give proper credit and follow specific guidelines for fair use and licensing.

Contributory infringement

Contributory infringement occurs when a person or entity facilitates or contributes to the direct infringement of another person's copyright. 

Do not facilitate or contribute to copyright infringement by other creators. Do not share links to sites that host illegally copyrighted content or encourage the unauthorised distribution of copyrighted works.

Encouraging infringement

Encouraging infringement is intentionally promoting, encouraging or facilitating copyright infringement by others.

Do not encourage or facilitate copyright infringement. Avoid providing instructions or tools that facilitate the illegal copying and distribution of copyrighted content.

Protect your work from infringement

Place a copyright notice on your work to indicate that it is protected and may not be used without your permission.

Actively monitor the use of your work online.

If you discover that your work has been infringed upon, take appropriate legal action, such as sending a cease and desist letter or filing a lawsuit if necessary.


Creators have a responsibility to protect their work and to respect the copyrights of other creators. Knowing your copyrights, avoiding infringement, and taking steps to protect your creations will help ensure that your work is protected and that you receive fair compensation for your creative efforts. Ultimately, a copyright-friendly digital environment benefits all creators and fosters a sustainable and successful creative industry. 

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Author Gabriel Espinoza

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