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Success in YouTube content misuse dispute

Find out how Abel used our copyright protection services to defend himself in a YouTube abuse dispute.


Today we would like to introduce you to Abel Hechavarría Jardines, a digital professional and creator who recently shared his experience of using our copyright and intellectual property protection services.

A professional with a solid academic background and work experience in the field of computer engineering, Abel is a passionate and tech-savvy person. He worked as a software engineer at the University of Computer Science in Torrens, Cuba, where he played a key role in developing innovative solutions.

His education in computer engineering has prepared him to face the most complex technical challenges and has contributed to his success as a digital creator.

Originally from Santiago de Cuba, Abel is a curious and open-minded individual, always willing to learn and adapt to the latest technological trends. He currently resides in Szada, Pest, Hungary, where he continues his journey as a leading digital creative.

Abel has expressed his gratitude for the work we do in our company and has particularly praised our support service. In his own words, Abel said: "I am grateful for the work of this company, their support service has always been fast and efficient, so far they have saved me on more than one occasion when I have had situations to resolve. They responded on the same day within their working hours". This testimonial reflects our commitment to providing a quality service and always being available to help our customers resolve any situation that may arise. We are proud to have provided Abel with the support he needed and to have contributed to his success on several occasions.

He also shared with us his most recent experience with our company, specifically in relation to the registration of his digital creations. 

In his own words: "I am happy to have registered my digital creations with this company, the ease of doing registrations and certificates is something that saves time and headaches. I also feel that I have my back as I was recently involved in a dispute on YouTube over the copyright of one of my works and thanks to the enotar.io registration and the certificates it provides, which you can be sure are valid, I won my dispute and feel quite relieved. I am sure that in the future my creations will be protected thanks to enotar.io, which has made this sometimes tedious process simple and safe".

This testimonial highlights the importance of registering and protecting digital creations and how enotar.io was instrumental in the successful resolution of a copyright dispute on the YouTube platform. We are pleased to have been able to provide Abel with peace of mind and security by ensuring that his creations are protected and backed by valid certificates.

We thank Abel for sharing his experience with us and allowing us to share it with all of you. This feedback inspires us to continue to provide a quality service and to further our mission of universalising access to intellectual property registration and protection services.

Author Gabriel Espinoza

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